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Warm Winter Blast of Late Night Sultry & Mellow Sounds

Right in the middle of the winter that really has not been a winter as far as precipitation and only a very few colds spells early on, I’m matching with some music that will put that perfect temperature just like the weather outside here in Northern California.

Going to glide into this set with the sultry and then hit a few mellow and smooth spots just to get you some time to relax and catch your breath.

Cheers to the sounds and the winter that wasn’t….

Replaced Switch in Enviornment After Failure

I was working on some new pages on my site and then my site went down. I had to troubleshoot the issue and found that it was my switch that comes into my entire environment from the WAN that then goes to my routers. I had to fire up Wireshark to see that the responses were being rejected until I bypassed the switch to each router. still the switch would act as if it was working and then finally after the last power recycle of switch not even the connectivity activity lights came back on.

While the switch was connected the routers started cycling to show a status of WAN disconnected so that was another clue. Oh well time I slapped another switch in its place and I’m fully back up once again. I’ll have to upgrade in that area once again which I was already looking at but wanted to look into other upgrades in the environment first.

Either way back up and serving web pages and streams once again!

Saturday Winter Warm Spell Sounds

We are deep into the winter season and we have a really warm and dry spell of weather that has people outside of the house doing outside chores and activities that we normally don’t in the Winter so I have music too match.

 I have setup sounds for the next several hours into the early evening with various genres. I will break in periodically however and make changes as I feel the vibe of what is coming.

You can of course continue as well to make requests during this time by clicking on the “Make Request and Dedications” link then sorting through the thousand of songs on the site and clicking the “Request” next to the song.

This Winter Warm Spell is brought to you by Snakeice’s “House of Beats”