Late Night Cool Breezes

How about some late night winter time cool breezes that actually may warm you up? Well I’ll supply that breeze from my Snake’s Den aka “Snakeice’s House of Beats Radio” stream and I’ll join you floating within that stream.

Let’s start off with some George Benson, Phil Collins, Prince, Teena Marie. Later on some Marvin Gaye, Adele, Rihanna, Usher, Leona Lewis, Monica, Boyz II Men, Chtistina Peri, Esperanza Spalding and much more!!

Boyz II Men

Cover of Boyz II Men


Cover of Usher

Leona Lewis

Cover of Leona Lewis

George Benson

George Benson (Photo credit: volume12)

Teena Marie, 1979

Teena Marie, 1979 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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