Getting my booty back into the gym after the longest layoff of my life since the 6th grade due to a mix of injuries in lower, mid and upper extremities of my body plus some crazy scheduling of private pursuits moving things around and being sick this past week.  No matter the shape I’m in I go hard so used this time to get fully healed, that’s the only plus because I should have done a little bit to stay in touch with my fitness as I normally do. Now I have to stop doing things that got me injured, but what fun is that. 😉

This is a mix where I invite you to listen in on one of my private work out mixes as I have in the past. I’m going to start slow as I will with my workout but hey I have to have the hard and wild so if you want PC language and topics kindly don’t listen unless you just have to! All genres and eras will be present.

A sample of who you ask, well here are some artists: Rose Royce, Azealia Banks, George Clinton, Def Leppard, Stalley, Brotha Lynch Hung, Beanie Man and so much more!