I have been back up and streaming for over 25 minutes and everything looks good. I have also been redoing my entire infrastructure which of course means the music streaming server will be updated and switched over.

Currently I have updated the Snakeice House of Beats system to W2019 Data Center 16 core including moving database and music over to the system. It will be running in a HPE C7000 blade chassis on a Bl460c gen 7 blade with 32GB RAM and dual X5650 Xeon CPU’s @ 2.67GHz 6 cores each CPU. I went with the MariaDB this time my first time using MariaDB the MySQL Open Source fork in Windows.

Everything is set for that system and ready to take over as soon as I finalize my networking back end on my chassis and computer room which now has everything locally at 10GBe and create the relays for ShoutCast and IceCast.

Eventually I will virtualize this music server when I finish getting my new storage backup in place and all data replicated an working between my current and new FreeNAS systems which I’m also updating along with 2 new XCP-ng Hyper-Visors I have configured on 2 x Bl460 Gen8 systems with 128GB RAM. dual Xeon E5-2860 v2 10 core CPU’s, running on 10GBE fabric. A lot happening and I will of course be doing more updates on http://dhoytt.com/mainblog/ .