What’s hot about this deliberate musical spread i’m about to lay out for you is that it will take you back to the old hip-hop days, through some old school rock, some funk with a few spots of smoother sounds. Will then hit you with more current tunes of all genres and move it back and forth on you until late Saturday night and then I may let it go on my scripts again which has its own special spice I mixed in that keeps it going 24 hours and surprises me all the time.

A very Snakeice House of Beats vibe!

Some old school:

Boogie Boys, Sugarhill Gang, Connie, Da Brat

Some Rock:

Def Leppard, Accept, Jimi Hendrix

Some Funk, Gap Band, Parliament:

Some newer sounds sprinkled in Lorde, Big Sean, Trombone Shorty, Wale: