Hot Spread of July Summer Music


What’s hot about this deliberate musical spread i’m about to lay out for you is that it will take you back to the old hip-hop days, through some old school rock, some funk with a few spots of smoother sounds. Will then hit you with more current tunes of all genres and move it back and forth on you until late Saturday night and then I may let it go on my scripts again which has its own special spice I mixed in that keeps it going 24 hours and surprises me all the time.

A very Snakeice House of Beats vibe!

Some old school:

Boogie Boys, Sugarhill Gang, Connie, Da Brat

Some Rock:

Def Leppard, Accept, Jimi Hendrix

Some Funk, Gap Band, Parliament:

Some newer sounds sprinkled in Lorde, Big Sean, Trombone Shorty, Wale:

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