Well I’m back up and running with my Centos 8 relay server after some OS updates. Seems that during the updates for Linux Centos 8 included a new kernel for my system as well that didn’t support my C7000 Bl460c 10gb Emulex card. This was also an issue during my initial Centos 8 install and almost made me stay at Centos 7. I was able to get the “be2net” driver from “El Repo” Linux repository and it worked before.

I can see everything with “lspci” but for some reason now the new Centos 8 kernel doesn’t recognize this driver even though I loaded the kernel with “modprobe” several times. I created a file in /etc/modules-load.d/ with the module then created a file in “/etc/sysconfig/modules/” saw that the module was loaded with lsmod and just couldn’t get the network to see it. I uninstalled and re-installed from the El Repo repository “kmod-be2net” still no luck.

I the suddenly started not being able to use my “ilo” or my kvm\keyboard which started printing out strange signals every time I typed. After correcting those issues I could get back to why the network couldn’t see my 10gb Emulex network cards on my Flex10 interface but could see my 10gb Broacom 10gb interfaces coming from my Procurve switch in my C7000 chassis.

Tried a few more things then decided to switch my primary network over to my Procurve. I had to go through my Virtual Connect Manager to make sure I wasn’t going to disconnect any of my other systems and remind myself what my setup was. I switched my main network over to one of my Procurve switches.

I then got my ShoutCast relay up and then IceCast relay and then discovered neither could make it out to the rest of the world due to the routing table on my Centos 8 system getting borked up due to all of the changes I made. I started correcting the routing issues on the systems CLI and then just made sure my network files were correct and rebooted and voila my music streams are going out to the world again.

This system also hosts my Zoneminder CCTV camera systems and that network didn’t have a problem with my cameras on it but I route that to my user interface on the network that was having issues so that was an issue. I also have an instance of Plex on this system and its okay since I have other virtual servers with Plex Server but still it was a nuisance!

Anyway I’ll probably build one of my other bl460’s gen 7 systems back up with Centos 7 and put everything back on that system. Read about the road map of Centos 8 while looking through forums and earlier this week at Tweets and I don’t like how it looks. Centos 7 will be updated until 2024 so that’s good for me. I can’t waste time with OS updates that depreciates or doesn’t take into account widely used hardware with everything else I’m trying to accomplish to get my systems to certain state. This keeps up they may push me to the Debian side of Linux but they are using those “Snaps” way too much on that side of the Linux universe for things like databases!

Anyhow I’m up and operating with things Frankensteined for now music is flowing cameras are recording an movies and TV shows are streaming in the house as well.