Slugs in Garden Like Beer


Picked up a snail trap product that uses beer as bait for my garden and it immediately started working once setup. I placed this trap called Slug X from Garland in place put some beer in the traps then went inside and looked up reviews and usage. 15 minutes later I decided to go and top off the 2 slug traps and the slug trap near my tomato plants already had a slug moving up the outside of the container. I went inside to get my phone to take a picture and that fast a slug had moved inside seeking the beer.

I really hope this continues to work this well as I just put some slug poison pellets down 2 days ago to kill the slugs on the outer edges outside of my gardens. I like the non-poisonous solution less toxic and better I found these Slug X snail traps at the Habitat for Humanity store here In Sacramento.

Slug X snail trap near green leafy vegetables.
Slug X snail trap near tomato plants.
Inners of Slug X slug trap with first customer after just 10 or 15 minutes being in place.

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