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March 24, 2024
by dhoytt

Vegetable Garden 2024 Spring

The vegetable garden is in motion this 2024 year! I had to scalp the top soil about 4 inches deep to get the clumps of weeds out of the garden. Had about 300 lbs of debris in the yard waste can 2 weeks in a row.

Then ended up getting some compost and new top soil to mix in then mixed in with the rototiller. The dry top soil let my feet sink in about 8 inches right after tilling the soil .

I planted big beef, early girl, cherry, and yellow pear tomatoes. Planted zucchini and crook necked squash, Japanese long cucumbers , eggplants, cabbage and Swiss chard. Added peppers like jalapeño, habanero, Fresno and poblano . Other plants, garden beans, romaine lettuce, herbs like purple basil, sweet basil, cilantro, French tarragon, and fennel.

Did dense seed plantings of collard greens, garden beans, peas, sugar pod snow peas, arugula, romaine lettuce, okra, green bunch onions, scarlet antes carrots, and beets.

I’ll add a few other veggies as I go and I always have my raspberry and grape vines as well.

This year the dense planting without rows will be different. I have gone without rows before but never purposely planted seeds densely. Going to be very interesting.

I intend to go almost purely with low lying bubblers on my drip system I already have in place for the vegetable garden and the flower garden. I actually the flower garden ready before the vegetable gardens. The vegetable garden gets the attention because it’s more work.

Garden is wild on the west of yard.
Wild garden on East of the yard.
Yard waste full to the top with top soil intertwined with weeds.
How I had to “scalp” the top soil down 3 to 4 inches to get the root of the weeds.
West garden after pulling weeds and tilling.
East garden after tilling and trimming rosemary bush.
West garden ready!
East garden ready.

December 12, 2023
by dhoytt

Bounced Site for XCP-ng VM Host Server Updates

I had a plethora of patches to update on my XCP-ng systems and I ended up having to restart the toolstacks on my systems. I started on my slave server restarting my “XCP-ng toolstack” which caused issues as it could not contact my master in the pool due to them talking to different versions of the software packages.

Took me a while to see this was the issue because problems started when I updated the Rocky Linux 9.x system and rebooted it and it would not restart. The Rocky Linux 9.x system was of course running on my slave XCP-ng server. After a while I recalled I needed to restart the XCP-ng hosts server’s toolstack which doesn’t interrupt the VM servers running on it as that was the likely issue . When I restarted the toolstack then suddenly the slave wouldn’t come out of maintenance mode. Tried several toolstack restarts and restarting the XAPI service without luck.

I looked at some documentation and saw I needed to disable HA (High Availability) before restarting toolstack and that didn’t help. I decided to reboot but move over my VMS to the master but couldn’t due to the master being a lower version after my tootstak restart. I finally rebooted and had the same issues and took down some other VM’s I couldn’t control but were still up while the server was in maintenance mode.

After rebooting the slave XCP-ng remained in maintenance mode but with my VMs down of course. I had my ShoutCast and IceCast servers for on my XCP-ng slave host so no one was able to listen while I was doing this however my web site was till up as that VM system was on the master.

After finally looking through logs I saw that the slave was trying to communicate with the master since they were in the same resource pool. The logs showed the reason the slave would not fully boot was it could not communicate with the master. The networking was fine so I figured it was the version causing them to no communicate.

This is when I decided to gracefully shutdown the web server and other VM serves on the XCP-ng master just in case the server needed to be rebooted and not the toolstack just restarted.

Well the simple XCP-ng master toolstack restart allowed the slave to communicate to it and then come back up. The lesson I need to remember is to do all updates and restarts on the master first or switch over the slave to the master if I do it backwards which is too much unnecessary work.

Back and running with a lot of maintenance and updates needed in my server environment as I have been working tirelessly on getting the rental back up to speed and about 4 other projects that consumed my time this year.

June 29, 2023
by dhoytt

Rental Pool Prepped and Painted

Finally finished painting the pool after lots of prep work after years of neglect in my rental. With Covid restrictions gone, I was finally able to move forward clear debris, prep surface (lots of hours) and paint. I used Dura Seal epoxy with an 8-year life. 

I had debris and sludge built up from the tenants and some campers who trespassed and dumped in the pool, very nasty.  

After cleaning the sludge, I had to pump the water out several times with my trash pump after the atmospheric rains this season. 

I then washed the entire pool down with muriatic acid. After finding different waste hazard places to dump the acid. I washed the pool with TSP. 

Due to the years of tenant abuse, there was still scaling. I tried sanding with an orbital sander and that barely “scratched the surface “. 😉 Then tried sandblasting and that was going to take way too much material and cost. 

I finally found a BAUER 9 Amp Surface Conditioning Tool surface preparation tool from Bauer and sanded the entire pool removing that hard white scale!  I took several hours through a couple of weeks after work and weekends to complete this. 

I then wanted to etch with something other than acid again prior to painting and tried several chemicals like CitrisStrip but that left a residue I had to clean up with acetone and the surface prep sander again. I finally acetone etched the whole pool and did another round of sanding with the surface prep tool.  

I had to wait a while after taping the pool off for painting. I did light washing with the hose pipe and not pressure wash to get surface dirt after doing some patching of cracks and areas when someone dropped a heavy object in the empty pool. I then waited an extra day and painted! 

Finally, I will get a chance to get water in the pool and test out the pump. I hope they did not damage the pump or that equipment! It was working fine when they moved in! 

No more amateur time, the pool will have a professional pool service maintain it and that will be written in the lease!  

Pictures from start to finish as of today. 

Tenants kept my pool like this for years and during Covid thanks to the no evictions nothing I could do and they were already behind.
After cleaning debris after campers dumped trash and I started pumping the pool.

Pumping out water process. That leaves debris to be scooped up. Some of this is what some campers from the neighborhood left.

A little guy dropped into the pool. I had to set a long 2×4 for him to eventually crawl out.

After acetone etching and some more sanding!

March 19, 2023
by dhoytt

Fishing Poles Racked Spatchcock Chicken Dinner

Was able to get most of my fishing rods off the garage floor. The large surf rods I ended up breaking them down in half. I also got my most used rods closer to the ground. I still have some work to do to get my stragglers plus my telescopic rods I’ll just hang off hooks.

Now getting ready for a late Sunday evening dinner with a spatchcock chicken. I did a brine with orange zest, rosemary, apple juice, salt and pepper. Then after washing the brine off today seasoned with butter, garlic, paprika, salt and pepper under the skin and on the skin.

January 8, 2023
by dhoytt

Site Down Temporarily Due to Atmospheric River Storm

During the “Atmospheric River” storms here out west in California I lost house power where I run my systems. I have not established a geographical fall over for these sites when my home systems go down as it hasn’t been a priority. I do have some pages setup but I haven’t visited that in a while.

After the power was restored one of my power supplies in my C7000 chassis didn’t come up. Due to that power supply not coming up I couldn’t bring up all my server blades online. I chose to keep my music server off and let my 2 blades I use for virtual systems to stay up though I didn’t bring the virtual servers online. My NAS storage came up just fine once again as well. I decided to take care of things like lining up estimates on damaged fencing instead and then watched some football.

Coming back into my computer room this evening I noticed the music streaming system booted up and the power supply was back online. This is the second time this happened, the last time being the prior storm on New Years Eve that took power out. I’ll pick up a couple of spare c7000 110v (398026-001) power supplies that I have already run down from a local source.

Outside of that back up and running as usual.

December 8, 2022
by dhoytt

Rack of Lamb Smoked

I wanted to smoke this rack of lamb Sunday or the beginning of the week but couldn’t get to it .

Turned out very good and I will be doing this again. I rubbed down with olive oil, then rubbed on salt, pepper, a little garlic and sprinkle of cumin.

For sides eggplants, poblano peppers, tomatoes sprinkles of rosemary from the garden, smoked along with the rack of lamb.

I used my Meater block meat probe thermometer along with my Traeger’s thermometer to get used to it.

December 6, 2022
by dhoytt

Cooking Journey

A cooking journey for the past month. Beef shanks mid-November, Thanksgiving juicy tender brisket and smoked Turkey. Monday red pepper/honey wings.
Then reached into the freezer for vacuum packed pulled pork (tasted like I just cooked it after boiling the bag and opening)from February 2 2022 and made soup today with late squash and herbs from the garden. Perfect for the cold weather. Was feeling picky about what I wanted to eat.

This is a repost from my Facebook page to test my updated WordPress mobile app and site.

Beef shanks with vegetables.
Hot wings.
Vacuum sealed pulled pork.
Quick soup made from pulled pork.
Beef shanks on Traeger