Brief Power Failure Earlier Today

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There appears to have been a power failure causing a brief outage of the site. This power outage affected the entire area. I didn’t have my UPS engaged due to replacing the batteries and I haven’t had time to finish that project yet.

It has been that type of Friday I’ll discuss more on another post since I will stick to one issue on this post. Anyway I didn’t notice that the systems had rebooted since I was very busy working and when I came in the house I didn’t do my normal due diligence of logging into my site and checking the various pages.
The only system that didn’t come back right away by itself was my music server evven thou my music blog site was up the sounds were not there. I’ll get working on that batch file soon so that in another event like this occurs when the music server comes back up if will login and commence to playing the music and starting the multiple elements it takes to get the music streaming when the UPS isn’t in place.

Well I gave been doing this 24/7 since 2004 so that’s one of the two longest times I have been without music even though the rest of the site was up.
I also had to fix some tables in my database that I use for my blogging software.
You know I get it going like that! 😉
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