Time For New Router ASUS RT-N66U Power Switch Failure

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I have been having sporadic Internet connectivity  issues lately and today noticed this happened several times Finally about 30 minutes ago I get texted from monitoring I have on my site notifying me my site is down, I discover I cannot contact my router and it’s literally powered off. I look over the router and the power switch is no longer depressed and will not stay depressed to keep the power on!

I had to use duct tape since electrical tape wasn’t quite adhesive enough and some folded paper to keep the power switch depressed with electrical tape keeping the edges down and smooth.

Then went on Internet and found this is a consistent issue with all ASUS routers. I have already had my share of issues from the “kernel: VFS: file-max Limit 22684 reached” error which causes me to have to occasionally reboot since that simple  kernel parameter cannot be changed in ASUS’ firmware. Yes I know I can use “dd-wrt” or “tomatoe” open source router firmware but I have the VPN working nicely with this router.

Besides this recent power button issue and the kernel parameter issue I’m also not a huge fan of their interface, specifically the  “Virtual Server/Port Forwarding” interface is clunky and a time sync! When I clone or switch web servers I like to just point to the new server in my environment. With ASUS I have to totally delete each prior entry and add a totally new entry for that port forwarding to the new system! Every other router interface you just change a few alphanumeric characters and apply and your done.

Time to get a new router GRRR!!!!

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