Backyard Oasis and Garden Bounty Trickle


So much in this little backyard space but made it my little oasis by design with the garden, pool, strips of grass and BBQ pits. Nothing like doing a little gardening and then taking a dip in the pool and doing something quick on the gas grill or slow on one of the BBQ pits. Then either way sipping a cold beverage in the shade or poolside. I also enjoy seeing some of nature like my favorite dragon fly or blue jays coming through. I miss the swam of bees my thai basil plant used to bring and I may plant another one just for the bees.

15 years with this and still going though I would love more room for a workshop and my boats plus other vehicles I would like plus storage for when going to auctions. Added the solar a couple of years ago and now have a nice energy credit so I have lowered my energy footprint and I’m somewhat self-sustainable, definitely not burdening the electric grid and producing some of my own foods.

I’m growing collard greens, okra, carrots, beets (once I get the seedlings in the ground), Swiss Chard, raspberries, grapes, white, black and Ichiban eggplants, mixed greens, lemon thyme, parsley, yellow squash, zucchini squash,sweet basil, purple basil, mad hatter peppers, Serrano peppers, habanero peppers, bell peppers, chili peppers, ancho chili peppers, Cilantro, chives, green onions, yellow onions, Mexican tarragon, chamomile, mint, sage, rosemary, yellow pear tomatoes, black plum tomatoes, Early girl tomatoes, Lemon boy tomatoes, husky red cherry tomatoes, peas, beans, dill, red ghost peppers and lunch box orange sweet peppers.

I need to make a special place for asparagus that can grow yearly and not overturn that part of the garden.

Well time for some vittles with slices of garden tomatoes and then perhaps a dip into the pool. Then will make some tea from my garden herbs later.

Lemon 🍋 Boy Hybrid tomatoes 🍅.
Picked today 06/05/2021 Swiss Chard, Lemon Boy Tomatoes, one Husky Cherry Red Tomato and zucchini squash.
PVC trellis for raspberry and grape vines to climb over with squash. cucumbers, Swiss chard, peppers, mixed greens in the foreground plus gourmet collards against the fence.
The weekly work of picking weeds out of the vegetable gardens. This is about half of a 5 gallon bucket.
Putting some liquid feed fertilizer on drip systems so it feeds my garden every time it waters. Love this setup and its been in place since I built the garden.
West part of the garden. Notice I keep my herbs in the front so that I can walk out right before dinner and clip with little effort.
Ichiban Eggplants growing like crazy. I haven’t planted this variety in a number of years.
Parsley and Ichiban eggplant.
Look close enough and you can see dozens of habanero peppers getting bigger and a lot more blooms about to turn into habanero peppers.
Chili peppers getting strong.
Herbs to the front! Showing Mints, purple and sweet basil, chives not see are right behind them with tarragon barely visible to the right and parsley to the left.
Serrano peppers thriving next to biggies in the garden grape and squash vines.
Part of the herb tea collective chamomile, Mexican tarragon and more mint. Cilantro is to the left.
Early girl tomato starting to ripen.
Purple basil coming up from a seed from last years plants.
Letting beans run and take over Swiss chard going to seed.
Sage holding its spot in the garden.
Peas in their pods.

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