Replacing Last Years Collard Greens and Barefooted in the Dirt


Removed last years stalks of collard greens earlier this week since they were going to seed and this years collard greens are growing rapidly. The collards from last year I let go a bit longer than normal and the stalks were long twisted and tough! I needed an axe to chop through the stalks! I then took the leaves off washed and will cut up later.

Earlier today I used the small tiller to prep the area last years collard greens were and planted yellow bell peppers, jalapeño peppers, summer squash, yellow crooked neck squash and another eggplant.

While tilling the soil and raking it I kicked off my flip flops and went barefoot in the cool rich soil, it felt great! I forgot how nice it feels to go barefooted with cool dirt beneath your feet.That’s the thing about gardens they give a nice return in lots of areas you can’t perceive along with the obvious until you do it!

Last years collard greens gone to seed with peppers I will rotate into their spot.

Roots of last years collard greens.

Roots of last years collard greens size made apparent when shown next to y size 10 foot.

Collard greens wild twisted stalk cut with my ax.

Soil prepped tilled and planted along edges with new plants to flow into.

Going barefoot in the tilled soil.

Still barefoot in the garden feeling good.

This years collard greens looking good in east part of the garden.

Another shot of this years collards with some basil on the side along with romaine lettuce.

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