Pizza Delight on Traeger Grill With Garden Vegetables


In looking for a different way to use my tomatoes out of my garden I decided to make fresh pizza sauce and a pizza from scratch.

I used early girl tomatoes, basil and rosemary from my garden in the pizza sauce and making some herb dough.

I like to cook but really don’t bake so had to go out and get some yeast from the past 5 years. I had yeast who’s expiration date was in 2012. Most likely yeast from about 2009 from making plum or peach liquor no distilling!

Anyway I didn’t realize how long I had to let the sauce cook and once I got the yeast hoe long I needed to let it rise. Then I went around finding good Italian sausages and pepperoni. Besides what I already mentioned I also used squash from the garden and some sliced olives from a can.

This was a disjointed impulse project and now that I have an ideal of how to do this I will plan and make it smoother plus enhance the experience.

Anyhow here’s the pictures of the process.

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