Switching to XCP-ng Hypervisor

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I had started testing and working stoppng and going with oVirt for the past month or so as my new hardware has started coming in but I’ve now switched my attention to XCP-ng. I have gotten so much further in one late evening with XCP-ng than a month plus with oVirt. I’m now ready to move my NAS running FreeNAS in place once I get another drive as someone sent an 8TB SAS drive without any shock padding so I have to return that back and get from another source.

Testing with oVirt I had issues just getting the management Host Engine VM to stay up or even install. With XCP-ng install went fine to my new server, NICS came up (I had to login and manually start the NIC’s for Ovirt via CLI).

Yes I’m familar with XCP-ng as I had been working with Xen, XCP and Xenserver. XCP-ng is the latest commnity version restart its seems of XCP since Citrix removed so many features suddenly from the community version last year.

Its great so far in a few hours I have already setup the hypervisor shared out iSCSI paths from FreeNAS, started using Xen Orchestra wed UI and then discovered XCP-ng Center for windows that mirrors Xen Center. Looked around quite a bit on the CLI mostly looking at NFS options. Created VM’s and they are installing very fast using my NFS library OS ISO’s going to my iSCSI SR’s.

I also discovered that I could import my current XenServer enviornment into this XCP-ng community Center as well as use the Xen Orchestra premium web UI for a brief time that seems to have some cool VM ipmort features I may be able to use to import my VM’s from my old enviornment I hope.

I really had no idea they had been doing so much with this XCP-ng and it looks like they have a very active community!

Wow its really late and I need to go to bed I have a ton of projects and things I need to do other than this but this is huge as well.

More later on this XCP-ng!

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