Pico De Gallo From the Garden With Chicken Tacos


My tomatoes are increasing in production and being anxious to devour my garden produce today I decided to make some Pico De Gallo. I found a nice recipe online that was simple and delicious. I made it all from items in my garden except the onions, garlic and I used lemon juice instead of lime juice.

I used mostly my Lemon Boy tomatoes and some cherry husky red tomatoes from my garden plus cilantro and, jalapenos. I cooked my chicken on my gas grill in on of my Corningware dishes which is way quicker than doing it in my oven in the house and doesn’t heat the house up. I have to say I will be making this Pico De Gallo a lot as it came out very well!

I must give props to where I found this delicious yet simple recipe:


Pico De Gallo from the garden tomatoes, cilantro and jalapenos with my last taco of the evening.

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