Vegetable Garden 2021 Starting to Produce Rose Garden Trimming


The vegetable gardens in the backyard are producing vegetables and the rose garden some beautiful flowers. This week earlier picked some jalapenos and today some husky red cherry tomatoes and a small beef eater tomato that was barely larger than the cherry tomatoes.

I planted a “red habernero” and green bell pepper plus dill and parsley plants. I put some stakes in and started training the peas, beans and tomato plants. The tomatoes will be producing in large amounts in a week or two.

I also picked about 2 gallons of very small grasses and weeds from the garden along with their weeds.

Here’s some pictures

Newly planted green bell pepper and red habanero.
Newly planted dill and parsley next to eggplant, lemon thyme and mint.
West side of garden 05/22/2021.
East side of garden 05/21/2021.
Training bean plants with stakes and garden Velcro.
Training pea plants and big beef tomato plant with stakes and garden Velcro.
Trussed up husky red cherry tomato plant with stakes and garden Velcro.
Holding back best possible with stakes and garden Velcro the lemon tomato plant.
Front rose bushes after trimming earlier this week.
Both front rose gardens.
Another view of the front rose gardens.
First harvested jalapenos this year on vine.
Clipped jalapenos.
Getting jalapenos and other veggies ready for crab boil
Jalapenos in crab boil.
Quickly put together crab boil.

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