Awesome Front Yard Roses 2022


The front yard small as it may be is looking great due to the roses. Each year certain bushes always produce well. Other years some rose bushes produce more than other years. This year the yellow rose bush is more prolific early than it has ever been. The blooms are even larger on the yellow roses.

The white roses by the fence and the long stem red roses by the door continue to produce beautiful flowers every year. My pink roses on the other side of the garden haven’t been as plentiful the past 2 years but the hybrid purple roses behind them are growing and popping out more flowers this year.

I gave them a nice feeding of slow release fertilizer and a mix to fight off insects like aphids so they will continue nice and healthy this year. I put down some more black bark down earlier this week to keep weeds out and sets the flowers off nicely with that background.

Night time shot of roses earlier this week in the evening after putting the black bark down.
Full shot of the roses in the front. The way the homes are configured the grass or white rocks in the front aren’t mine or they would be looking different.

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