As The Garden Grows


The garden saga has most spots in the garden full or ready to be filled with seedlings I currently have growing. I do want to research some herbs and spices that make great teas. I want to make sure that the herbs I plant don’t have a tendency to overrun the garden like mints do.

I added cilantro, Serrano, mad hatter and Ancho chili peppers. I love having a variety to make different dishes but also mke a nice pepper relish like my dad used to make. I added the cilantro and Serrano peppers Saturday and the mad hatter and ancho chili peppers Sunday.

Now most of my gardening will be weeding, re-positioning and maintaining of my drip system. For instance today I switched out a rotating drip sprinkler for a bubbler on a high mount and replaced a bubbler with a down spray sprinkler which I may go to more as they focus all the water down from a nice height instead of sideways with a spray.

I harvested my first tomato of the season and have some jalapeno peppers looking pretty nice that I will pick in the coming week or days.

I also put down some spray grass seeds in my grass strips in the backyard and repaired some sprinklers.

Beef Eater tomatoes reaching that ripening state earlier in the week.
Lady bugs getting busy/ mating on squash plant leaf. As I went to video instead of photo they took their action underneath the leaf.
This nice Big Beef Tomato was he first tomato of the season picked and eaten, it was delicious.
Cilantro plant in the ground folks.
Serrano peper in the ground.
Wide view of west side vegetable garden Saturday.
Wide view of east side vegetable garden Saturday.
Sprinkler repair in the strip of gras to the east of my pool.
Sprinkler repair number 2 in grass strip on east side of pool. Sprinklers on other grass strip seemed fine.
Madd Hatter peppers! Had them for the first time last years and I do like them.
Ancho Chili peppers behind the Serrano plant next to my greaps and raspberry.
Jalapeno peppers almost ready to be picked.

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