Experimenting with New DIY Trellises in Garden


Below I have some DIY trellis pictures I am trying out to grow my vegetables vertical this year with several varieties. I want some sturdy trellises that will fit the dimensions of my garden so DIY is the key. Most trellises from the stores have cheap connections and aren’t the correct dimensions nor are they adjustable like I intend my trellises to be. plus cost a lot more than they are worth.

I think I will go with four 5 foot 3/4/ inch PVC braced at the top with 1/2″ PVC and plastic stakes with flexible metal core at 9″intervals for my tomatoes. I played with drilling in the PVC pipes and threading the flexible plastic stakes with the metal core through the PVC pipes and then tying them off with Velcro. I will not be drilling through the PVC using that technique it took too long and the PVC chipped off or broke a time or two.

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