Removed Replanted Gourmet Collard Greens


I removed the “gourmet collard greens” that seemed to have gone to seed that I had replanted from last year and brought up from seed . The gourmet greens had a huge amount or aphid like bugs the other collard greens didn’t have. I think I could have nursed some production out of them but figured the other collard greens would take up the slack without all the bugs that weren’t on them. I placed some celebrity and large cherry red, tomato plants from the discount pack that I had in the place of gourmet greens and stevia from last year.

The stevia from last year I had in a planter and had given up on. The stevia had went dormant suddenly back in February after seeming to flourish then in a week was gone ! Very unusual to see a plant go from flourishing to dormant that quickly, then I noticed growth in the planter box and it wasn’t even getting water but the stevia came right on up!

I also made some adjustments on the drip system and tested that along with some snipping of rose bushes in the front of the house. A lot of tiny buds ready to bloom into roses in the front very soon on each of the rose bushes, with some having blooms already.

Gourmet collard greens pulled up.
Garden spot where the gourmet collard greens were pulled from with more tomato plants and stevia in their place.
This side of the garden blooming but will need weeds pulled aggressively this week.

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