Fantastic Tri-Tip


Wanted a nice quick cook this weekend but something substantial so bought a package of 2 small tri-tip pieces of beef. I just cooked one of the tri-tips out of the package to try out a slightly different cooking method on my Trager Silverton 620.

Today I took the tri-tip out of the fridge rubbed it down with peanut oil,I then used a dry brine of coarse kosher salt, brown sugar and coarse black pepper in a gallon plastic bag for about an hour letting it hit closer to room temperature. During that time I had the Traeger grill all heated up @ 225 degrees Fahrenheit. I washed the brine off after an hour and rubbed the tri-tip with my custom beef rub and a sprinkling of a commercial steak blend. I placed the tri-tip on a pan I like to use to make cleaning a breeze that has raised grills and was sprayed with canola oil.

Sticking to a simple quick cook I placed a whole peeled red onion, some asparagus and a potato in with the tri-tip. After the tri-tip hit 125 degrees Fahrenheit I hit it with some apple juice and butter mix and 10 minutes in foil. I heated up my gas grill and after it reached temperature right around 500 degrees plus Fahrenheit (the gauge isn’t reliable) I put the potato in foil on the gas grill, then did a quick sear on the tri-tip about 2 minutes per side, then placed it back in the Traeger @ 225 for another 10 minutes in foil. I then took the ti-tip out and let it rest for about 40 minutes and in that time it reached 138 internal degrees. I rolled my potato over a few times and then placed it back in with the asparagus and onion on the Trager to keep warm.

The tri-tip was super tender and tasty and the asparagus had that nice smoked taste along with the red onion and the potato was nice topped with chives from my garden, butter and sour cream. I also have a special tri-tip sauce I make with Worcestershire, butter, olive oil, garlic. dry mustard and some other ingredients. The tri-tip was special with the sauce or without the sauce. I will be making this my go to tri-tip process and may try this with veggies again as well.

Tri-tip, potato, red onion, asparagus ready for the grill.
Ingredients on my Trager Silverton 620 starting up.
Another view of ingredients on Trager Silverton 620.
Everything’s ready!
Tri-tip with smoke ring and showing how juicy it is.
Time to eat!

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