Sunday Yard Work and BBQ


Getting it done in the backyard fleshing out the vegetable garden plus fed my always yearly beautiful roses in the front yard not the normal rose food but some rose food with something in it to control the aphids. On top of that picked up a nicely priced pork shoulder so put that on my indirect smoker a bit late again but wanted to familiarize myself with the indirect grill using my oak and fruit wood plum and peach logs making some pulled pork.

Newly planted Lemon thyme in front of Georgia Collards and Swiss Chard with gourmet collards just planted today by the fence.
Newly planted gourmet collards.
Newly planted chamomile next to Mexican tarragon and mints.
West side of vegetable garden with my grapes and raspberry trussed and getting trained this year to go up.
East side of the vegetable garden.
Shot down the short sidewalk in front of my house of my roses.
Front yard shot of my roses with neighbors grass in the front yard.
Roses and ferns front yard near garage.
Roses on opposite side of porch away from my driveway.
Pork shoulder with my custom rub.
Starting to smoke my shoulder on offset grill.
Chimney’s for lighting my wood for offset grill plus propane torch and fire poker.
Chimney’s all lit with oak and plum wood.

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