Vegetable Garden Getting Closer to Finish


This is the weekend to get this vegetable garden in full gear. Check out the changes as I get the garden set. I chopped up the roots pulled some weeds and the pesky mint plants and roots. I then threw some mulch into the mix with the rototiller. I also got a chance to use my new electric cordless 80v Kobalt cultivator that I just picked up.

I took the 5HP Intek Crafstman rototiller down 2 feet to turnover the soil and chop things up going over the garden twice, then a 3rd and 4th time to get the mulch mixed in.

Next to get the rows in and this year I will try out some 1/4″ soaker hoses on my drip system to see if they can lay between the rows and still effectively water the plants. I’m thinking this will get the roots to go deeper and help me use less water as well.Many plants will do well without getting the leaves wet constantly I believe. I tried this years ago at this house and about 15 – 25 years ago at my other house I used a 3/4″ soaker hose connected to my hose pipe controlled by a mechanical timer.

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