2022 Vegetable Garden Started with Replants


Contending with rototiller issues not off to a smooth start with the vegetable garden so went with a different approach this year. The rototiller stalled on the east part of the garden last week so after the small engine came by again I finished turning over the dirt in that part of the garden.

I then made some rough rows moved some transplants from the west part of the vegetable garden to the east. I set my drip system back up and we will see how my transplants do! I have had good results with transplants in the past as long as there’s green in the stem and roots.

The transplants were jalapeno, poblano, chili relleno, habanero, bell peppers. I also transplanted collard greens and Swiss chard.

Earlier I also trimmed up the front flower gardens so they will bloom big very soon.

I have a bunch of seedlings yet to plant so stay tuned.

Bizarre looking start to this years vegetable garden.
Trimmed up front yard.
Trimmed flowers to prep for major blooming.

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