Metamorphosis of Over Run Vegetable Garden


Some pictures showing the over grown vegetable garden after being away for over 6 months and then not being able to tackle it when I first got back. So much was going on when I got back my mom in hospice trying to get her care. Then so many other personal things and projects like taxes coronavirus canceling work schedule and other functions like HOA board responsibilities, registering car, smog for truck, maintenance for boat, unpacking from trip, straighten up houses etc. I start lining up working on garden and the ultimate unthinkable my mom passes and my dad just passed in December they were married 63 years. My dad’s passing hasn’t sunk in fully and I needed to step into the role to get the funeral and other arrangements in these self-isolation times for my mom not really having time to grieve after doing the same in December for my dad.

Now working on the garden something I used to share with both parents keeps me occupied and the garden is in horrific shape but as you can see it’s coming along after one weekend of putting in a bit of work. I still have much to do.

I had to work on my rototiller replacing a fuel line one the large rototiller then the lighter cultivator/rototiller I had to take apart the rewind mechanism.

Still got quite a bit done and I have plants on deck from nurseries and saved from the garden I will replant. I took out the drip system as I always do every year so I could till the soil then add in some mulch. Thankfully I also have a smart sprinkler controller I installed last year from Gro so I can disable the vegetable garden zone from a phone app while I have the drip system disabled.

Still a bit to do but here’s some pictures of the horrific state of the garden I had to deal with and the progress I made this weekend.

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