Smoked Salmon


Well I think I have the makings of getting the smoked salmon technique down, I just need to fine tune it a bit. The part I need to fine tune is the rub and washing it fully off before drying the salmon. I did this on my Traeger Pro bbq pellet grill with applewood pellets.

The salmon was a bit salty but I found a good sweet dill sauce recipe to balance the saltiness out. This sweet dill sauce will be my go to salmon sauce as well as a good sauce for some poultry or pork dishes.

I did an Atlantic Salmon along with wild Sockeye Salmon great flavor outside of being a bit salty as I mentioned above. Next I’ll do one with less salt and properly wash the rub off before drying and one with no rub.

I’ll also start posting more of my bbq and smoked delights maybe even go back in time to post some favorites since I did take the pictures already.

Anyway here’s the photos of my smoked salmon this past week along with photos of the process. I’ll link to the recipes later hopefully.

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