Garden Produce in Home Made Hamburgers


Here are some pictures of my garden produce I used on some hamburgers today. I used Swiss Chard, basil and tomatoes from my garden along with onions from the store. I warmed the Swiss chard, basil and onions on the grill with ground black peppers, garlic with a dash of butter then sliced the cherry tomatoes and placed them on the burger after everything is cooked.

Swiss Chard in garden.
Cherry Tomatoes on the vine.
Basil plant in garden with smaller purple basil plants coming up from seeds from past years.
Swiss Chard, basil and tomatoes from garden.
Swiss chard, basil, onions ready for the grill.
Hamburgers ready with eggs, Swiss chard, basil onions, Gouda and cheddar cheese.
About to dive into hamburgers!

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