Some Vegetable Garden Weekend Work


I cleaned up the front yard and did some work in the backyard and the vegetable gardens in the backyard as well. I’m getting ready for the late season for when it starts to cool a bit and some vegetables grow better in the Sacramento/San Joaquin valley Here is some of what is going on in the vegetable garden at this time

Here is some purple okra, Collard greens, purple basil, with sweet basil in view as well:


Here are some peppers with stevia in the foreground:


Here’s some jalepaeno peppers going strong:


In the background is a tomato plant I had to rescue and stake up today plus some more stevia and mint in the foreground:


Here’s a top and bottom shot of my eggplants:

IMG_0375 IMG_0374

Some chives:


Some new straight neck squash after picking quite a few this week:



Overall of the west side of the vegetable garden with mint plants providing protection in the front concealing some of the other vegetables:


Just a clump of beef eater tomatoes, chives, mint, basil and yellow pear tomatoes:


More stevia:



East side of the garden with some new seeds I planted to get a start in planted pots first and then I will transplant them into the garden. Note the swiss chard standing strong that I replanted from last year.




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