2022 Vegetable Garden in Pool Ready Good Food Weekend Done


Finished my custom pvc pipe tomato trellises for now. I even added some more vegetables to my already over crowded vegetable garden when I couldn’t find poblano\ancho chilli pepper plants sprouting in my garden. I picked up some poblano\ancho peppers, Fresno peppers and another habanero pepper plant as well putting them in various spots.

I went to the old traditional pool store I had used for most of the time the past 25 years until they consolidated to one store in 2009. This store was quite a bit further out than the second store they had they closed and picked up some pool filters, I left my automatic pool vacuum to be repaired as well. I normally do repairs myself on my pool vacuum but with supply chain slow downs and no time I let them do it. They also had the filters no one else had in stock locally. After finishing vacuuming all the dirt from my garden excursions that collected on the pool bottom and some shock treatments, getting my pool salt content up to what it should be making sure the chlorinator was working the pool water is looking inviting! Once the pool gets a bit more warm I will start up my pool workouts doubling my cardio from treadmill sessions and eventually back to my road courses.

This week I picked up whole chicken as my protein of the week. I fire cooked with pellet apple wood on one of my Traeger grills after a nice 24 hour plus brine. The cook went well and the chicken was tender after letting it rest for awhile with the juices pouring out when cut. Even the breast meat was as juicy as a thigh. I ate with some store bought lobster ravioli and shrimp in garlic sauce along with some collard greens from my garden.

On my pvc pipe trellises I used tie wraps and heavy duty rubber bands made to resist heat and outside weather. On one row I will use traditional wired tomato baskets to test against my custom trellises This also satisfies my mission not to have useful things around the yard not being utilized and in my way.

I already have lots of tomato blooms and one beefsteak tomato on one plant. I should start seeing produce from recent plants as soon as two weeks. My transplants from the previous season are already producing as they recover, especially the herbs.

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