2017 Vegetable Garden Starting to Kick into High Production


Pruning plants, weeding and redistribution of my drip system sprinklers as the plants grow has my vegetables really producing healthy hearty produce.

Very nice going out in the morning collecting herbs like basil, chives and tomatoes to accentuate breakfast. Then later in the day squash, rosemary, beans, cucumbers or Swiss chard for my other meals.

Soon my peppers and eggplants will join the mix!

Later may make nice Bloody Mary with some garden fresh tomatoes and herbs or Mojto from some of my garden herbs.

Chives, Thai Basil, mint, sage and rosemary

Purple Bell Pepper, eggplant to the left

Early Girl Tomatoes and sweet basil with Thais basil to the left and purple basil sneaking in to the right, yellow pear tomatoes in the background

Collard greens in background, next to eggpants, with purple bell peppers and yellow pear tomatoes in middle, with cucumbers getting set to run, foreground has early girl tomatoes, sweet and purple basil, swiss chard and okra

Early Girl tomatoes, sweet basil, Swiss chard, purple basil, okra is crowded in the back right

Eggplant and purple bell peper again

Closeup of baby English cucumber

The other side of the garden with chives, sage, eggpnat

Eggplant and swiss chard

Swiss chard and basil and eggplant

Part of the harvest recently zucchini, green bush beans, yellow pear tomatoes, early gir tomatoes, rosemary, sage, sweet basil and purple basil

Part of the bounty being cooked in the wok

Prep work for morning omelette, chives, basil and tomatoes 

Recent dinner with my garden veggies and herbs

Mornings omelette with garden veggies and potatoes with garden herbs

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