Delicious July 4th Mini Meatloaves


I didn’t want a long smoke today so I thought for a while about what ingredients I had that would make something fast and easy then decided on meatloaf. I didn’t want to deal with leftovers and get up early due to planning on working on projects late into the nights this weekend. I had bought ground beef planning on burgers but wanted something more to go along with vegetables.

I started looking up meatloaf recipes and came across several I thought would be good but settled on this one:

Since I don’t have oats and wanted to use them instead of breadcrumbs I used some Quaker Instant oat meal (an opportunity to use an item that will help me clear space in my kitchen pantry) with strawberry flavors. It was delicious even with that hint of strawberry flavor from the instant oatmeal. This will now be a go to for me in my bag of BBQ recipes.

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