Plants Added to Vegetable Garden


I added some more plants into the 2021 vegetable garden today. I added baby collard green, swiss chard and mixed greens mesclun seedlings along with starters bought from a garden nursery consisting of egg plants, cucumbers, relleno chili peppers, big bertha bell peppers, black plum tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes I always plant and some sweet yellow onions I normally stay away from.

Collard green seed experiment. The pack of $4.54 gourmet collard green seeds not growing at the same fast rate as the $1.99 pack of Georgia collard greens.
All the vegetables I planned on planting and did plant today.
Plants moved near garden for planting.
West side of vegetable garden planted with tested drip system.
Row of swiss chard and collard greens, mesclun mixed greens next to row of squash, cucumbers and egg plants.
Row with chives, yellow onions and behind that row of peppers, relleno chili, big bertha bell, habanero and jalapeno.
Yellow pear tomato planted today with sage and mint in background.
Black plum tomato plant with basil and cherry tomato plant in background.
East side of vegetable garden.

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