Updated Web Server OS Patches and WordPress Plugins\Themes


Since I’m here monitoring some work migration processes in my computer room for the outside job that seem to be going well I decided to update my music streaming server running W2019 Datacenter version on one of my Bl460c blade servers @ https://dhoytt.com/snake-ice-radio-blog/ then updated some plugins and themes on my WordPress CMS blog and then my web virtual server OS which is running Centos 7 Linux all which I host here in my computer room on XCP-Ng that rides on my HPE C7000 Bl460c blade server.

I have already had the fun of updating my Linux laptop over the weekend to Fedora 33 and updating the OS earlier today. I also installed a new SSD drive in that laptop. I started to update my Linux workstation but I decided I want to wait and update to a different case with hot swap drives and a motherboard with IPMI\remote management plus an Enterprise SAS SSD boot drive and a normal SAS higher capacity drive for storage most likely 8TB SAS but may bet greedy and go 16TB SAS enterprise .

I have just done a ton of updates in my computer room completely turning over servers and network switches (10gbe now)

I digress, any how the web server is updated and the WordPress CMS blog as well along with my music streaming server!

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