New Workstations Notes


Well I built 2 new powerful workstation, one using Windows 10 Pro Workstation and the other Fedora 33 Workstation but of course with all types of server packages. The Windows workstation I’m using Asrock X299 WS/IPMI and the Linux Fedora 33 ASUS x99ws/ipmi. I put both into cases with hot swap backplanes for SAS with matching SAS controllers and K1200 Quadro GPU’s.

I have had to update bot motherboards BIOS and IPMI but the ASUS I had a few more challenges but tonight was able to get the IPMI working but not sure I’m happy with it since it requires the onboard VGA to be activated and when it’s activated it doesn’t see to allow my NVIDIA K1200 Quadro to run its one of the other and I am not going to 1024×768 video or the ‘90’s when I have these nice Display Port GPU’s. I will see what suggestions ASUS support can give me they have been pleasant but hoping for more.

Anyhow tried every iteration I could think of with monitors and in the bios now to determine if I want to keep the ASUS which was initially put out a few years before the Asrock X299 mother board I bought or can I get it to perform like the Asrock where I can go into a better resolution of 1920×1080 even on the VGA port but then extend to my Display Ports on my K1200 Quadro.

More on this later going to try to get some sleep and to think I thought I was going to bed early at about 11am, that didn’t work out!

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