Updated Systems in My Environment


Decided to do some updated on several systems in my environment. I updated my streaming media server running on W2019 Data Center, my Centos 8 Linux system that runs my: music server relays, Plex Media Server an Zoneminder CCTV software. I also updated my Fedora 33 Linux workstation, my W10 Pro Workstation version workstation and my Linux Centos 7 VM website server and another VM with Centos7 running Plex media server, plus some test VM’s I’m going to stand up some gaming servers on eventually.

After updating my Centos 8 system I needed to run the Zoneminder update perl script “zmupdate.pl” to upgrade the database to match Zoneminder version 1.34.23 and then “systemctl start zoneminder” to start zoneminder. IceCast and ShoutCast came up just fine after changes I made a few months ago.

I also updated WordPress plugins and themes after backing up the database.

Everything looks good after these updates!

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