Busy Sunday


Started Sunday staying up late Saturday into Sunday morning getting staged for preserving my garden vegetables and herbs. Then upon waking up my website was down so had to troubleshoot that by looking in the logs and it was an entry in the ssl logs as I had started making ssl updates and changes yesterday.

Due to the website issues I then got a late start on prepping my brisket I set to thaw in the refrigerator and then cleaning the ash off my grills. Then cleaned the Traeger grill and prepped the grill and got the brisket on. I then got my front lawn in order since the lawn service kept canceling and would not be by until September 10th.

I like doing my own lawn but when going for long periods traveling I need someone and I don’t want to find someone last minute. I used Sunday to get my rose bushes trimmed the way I normally have them the past 14 years so when the lawn service takes back over they understand better what I have said before. A demonstration shows so much better than words many times. The lawn service has been decent just need to show them how I wanted things done.

Then I fast smoked the brisket in about 8 or 9 hours instead of 15 hours and turned out tender to a fault as it was almost pulled beef. I also threw some beef ribs on since they had thawed out. The beef ribs meat was super tender fall off the bone tender too.

I had the ribs with dinner and a few pieces late of the brisket

Here’s the visuals including my grits breakfast.

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