Busy Non-Standard 4th of July


I got some things done and still was able to do a cook on my new Traeger Silverton 810 Wifire grill a bit late with some garden side dishes.

Today I intended to get some work done on my C7000 and the rest of my infrastructure like the backend 10gbe network. I didn’t get all my parts in this week plus I couldn’t find someone to fix a busted drawer in my kitchen so I decided to fix the drawer myself. Fixing the drawer was not super hard just a serious unneeded time sync that was needed for other things I need done.

I had decided at first to use finishing nails then started thinking small screws would be great if I countersink the screw heads. Well I bought stuff for each venture so I wouldn’t have to go back and forth to Home Depot got home and decided to use the finishing nails. I also picked up a couple of grill pads one for my new Traeger and one for my Oklahoma Joe stick burner. I cleaned and slid my old grill pads under my Westinghouse gas grill am older Traeger respectively.

Back to the kitchen drawer repair I got the drawer apart put the nails in and then decided I needed to protect the inside of the drawer where it chipped off wood with some wood putty. Gathered plastic wood as wood putty doesn’t seem to be a thing any longer and used that to fill in the parts of the drawer chipped out. Then noticed how chalky the wood plastic was an decided to varnish or apply wood glue. I had wood glue but it was old and one useless blob so I went back to Home Depot found no varnish so got just wood glue and set that up on the drawer and will wait for the 24 hour bonding period but the drawer feels solid and ready for another 14 years of service.

I just did a whole chicken and some chicken thighs since I ended up rushing things today on my new Traeger Silverton 810. Everything turned out ok the cook is a bit different than my old Traeger but still good and the remote Wifire is great!

I also picked a nice crop of cherry tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, sweet peppers, a couple of Serranto peppers, basil, Mexican Tarragon, squash and rosemary for side dishes tonight. I saw the start of my first eggplants tonight as well.

Here’s some photos from the day.

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