Moving FreeNAS and XCP-ng into Position Migrating VM’s to XCP-ng


Well I moved my new FreeNAS along with one of my new XCP-ng hypervisors into the racks to start taking over my environment for storage and my new virtualization. I’ll detail the technical aspect later. I hooked both up to my storage networks and copied and migrated some little used test VM’s from my Xenserver 7.1 environment without any issues using XCP-ng Center win Windows 10. Both were migrated cross pool to new storage so that was nice. I really didn’t add anything to an SR connected to my FreeNAS system . I need to create some iSCSI targets and though that doesn’t take long I didn’t feel like it since I was sneezing non-stop after getting behind my dusty racks (another part of this whole project I need to tackle) and was sneezing hard enough I didn’t want to be near a wall for fear of hitting my head and needed to make a store run to pick up medicine.

I basically just transferred from local storage f my XenServer 7.1 pool to the local pool of my XCP-ng pool.

Next steps will be to migrate a live VM to the new XCP-ng environment and then retiring my old Xenserver hypervisor and the old physical hardware. I also have some old VM’s in a VMWare 5.5 ESXi environment I need to export over.

Well time for bed and I am still cramming projects in but some will not get work done since my Rams are in the Super Bowl and will be ready to watch them Saturday. I decided my projects and time spent on my computer room, solar install, cameras setup with Zoneminder, smart home, landscaping was better used here than for Super Bowl tickets and that whole weekend. Just a timing issue but go RAMS Sunday is yours!

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