Updated WordPress After Troubleshooting Site Going Down


Well my site went down after I made some local network changes on my switches to get better local throughput on my switches to take advantage of my new Gigabit internet speed that was looking slow on my workstations in my computer room. I ended up tracing down the issue on my Windows 10 and Fedora 26 workstations to a port on one of my Netgear switches and corrected that got the throughput from 95 mbps to 885 mbps with my tests on those workstations after the change.

I even made changes of the network port on my XenServer host resulting in a 25-1 ratio performance improvement for my virtual systems and websites. The changes got my streaming server up to the proper up and down speeds as well to take advantage of the new Gigabit ISP speeds.

All was good I went downstairs to get something to eat clicked on my website while it was heating up my food from my laptop and my website wasn’t responding. Went upstairs and my XenServer host was fluctuating from available to unavailable on the XenServer console. The whole time I could ping my Xenserver ip address and all NIC’s showed up on my XenServer hosts. I tried booting into rescue CD from Centos on my VM and it didn’t see any Linux partitions and fdisk showed no disks!

Then saw I needed a disk repair on my Storage Repository that didn’t work then I found I knocked the power off of my disk array where it connected to my UPS battery backup I powered up my disk array  got my connections back up but for some reason my XenServer hosts didn’t pick up until I rebooted the XenServer host. After my sites came back up I went to eat, noticed new WordPress version so in between  bites updated to the latest WordPess version.

I really need to spend some more time in my computer room\office to do some wire management and redesign!

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