Changed ISP Service to AT&T Gigabit Plus Domain Static IP Addresses


Well today I changed ISP’s, away from Consolidated Communications  100mb up and down to AT&T‘s gigabit service up and down. I have been using Consolidated in some form since 2000 or 2001 when they were Winfirst except a brief moment (5 months) when they weren’t in my current subdivision which was just starting. When I moved to my current address they were Surewest and I had the property management company for our HOA at that time persuade them to enter our subdivision early when there were only about 20 houses here. I always had my static ip’s through them as well.

Now I’m on AT&T’s Gigabit internet service and have changed my static ip’s to their offerings and even though I just pointed to my domain to my new static ip addresses about 1 hour ago on GoDaddy as of this posting the DNS caches are propagating and updating already fairly quickly!

Speed tests seem to be right on hit and the technician who came out was helpful skilled and accommodating for a demanding person like me as was the support person I talked to about my static ip addresses configuration. The technician even converted a few of my telephone wall jacks from phone to twisted pair since I have category 5 Ethernet cable already running throughout my house as one of my requested upgrades when the house was built. The technician also terminated each end of  the cable I had going to each room and connected them to a multi-port 1 GB switch I had lying around! Now I have 1 GB LAN connections in kitchen, den, hallway and the other rooms I will switch out the wall plates from telephone 2 x2  pair to Ethernet twisted pair  myself!

My servers seem fine and so far everything is great on my new 1GB ISP serving!!!


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