Upgraded to new FreeNAS Stable 9.10


Over the course of last night and today I upgraded my FreeNAS from 9.3 Stable to 9.10 Stable versions via the Web interface.

I first verified that my backup FreeNAS disk array was free of virtual systems and updated that system.

  • Actually since I keep my backup disk array off due to power usage concerns (costs a lot) I first had to reintroduce the iSCSI storage to the Xenserver environment by “forgetting” and then reading as new storage and “reattaching” to the luns.
  • I then migrated my Xenserver virtual systems disks to the newly updated FreeNAS system.
  • After migrating the VM’s off my main disk array I then updated that version of FreeNAS to 9.10
  • Now all my virtual systems are being migrated back to my main storage disk array and I will be able to turn off my backup storage array for energy savings until my next planned upgrade coming in the next few months!

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