Updated Blog Software Friday Revisited XenServer Repair


I updated the WordPress blog software after I took some manual backups of the database. Everything went fine but of course I had to go in and manually put back in some customization’s I have made for the sites that the theme updates erased but that went smoothly.

I spread out my virtual machines more evenly in my XenServer environment and reset the HA settings on my XenServer pool. I had a couple of months ago replaced a motherboard that had failed on one of my XenServers and decided to double the RAM from a system I wasn’t using. That system kept randomly restarting as I increased the load. Finally earlier this week I ran memory check from memtest.org and received a flood of errors deep into the test (about 60% in).

I took the memory of the same speed but a different manufacture out of my XenServer system I had repaired then reran the memory test and everything was fine. This memory I took out ran the memory test fine in the other system as well but together the two memory modules from different manufactures didn’t perform together well. Had this went well I would have updated the other system to this memory level as well.

Now my environment is purring along and seeming very stable.

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