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I created a new Linux web server and moved over to it so that I could use the latest versions of applications like PHP, MariaDB, Apache etc. without over modifying my source repositories for updates. I went from Centos 7 to Fedora 34. I was going to move to Centos 8 last year until they forked to Centos Stream 8.0. I figured if I was going to be out ahead of RHEL 8 may as go all the way with Fedora. This will also help me stay current by prompting me to update my Webserver more often. This is full circle from when I didn’t want to update the Webserver so often, but security and performance is much better with updated OS and applications.

I ran into your typical needs to setup Selinux policies, open and close appropriate ports, make sure that networking to the proper domains was set, transfer over domain certificates etc. I swapped over a bit early actually because in syncing the database from my old system to my new system I had to constantly edit the database on the new system and my WordPress CMS sites before proceeding on to make changes. WordPress holds many changes in the databases as well, so targeted syncs were a pain and so after a certain point it was way too much work or go with a more fruitful approach of creating another isolated vlan at this point.

                I also had to get my ftp setup correctly I use locally as it was working but with a great deal of hesitation pausing at specifying the password but then a minute or two later successfully resolving. Seemed to be a slow network resolution issue so I made sure my /etc/resolv.conf was updated and even made entries for local systems that feed my webserver in /etc/hosts but still the slow performance. Then in comparing settings in /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf between old and new systems I noticed that the “Listen” parameter was off so that defaulted to IPv6. I enabled the “Listen” directive and then vsftp wouldn’t restart saying it had to run two instances of vsftp for IPv4 and IPv6. Going back into /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf I commented out the IPv6 setting and vsftp restarted and vsftp is fast as ever now. I use VSFTP to load updates to my WordPress so that was critical to get working with ultimate performance.

# This directive enables listening on IPv6 sockets. By default, listening
# on the IPv6 "any" address (::) will accept connections from both IPv6
# and IPv4 clients. It is not necessary to listen on *both* IPv4 and IPv6
# sockets. If you want that (perhaps because you want to listen on specific
# addresses) then you must run two copies of vsftpd with two configuration
# files.
# Make sure, that one of the listen options is commented !!


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