Site Network Rework


Moving site back to ASUS RT-N66U old router after going to the Linksys 3200ACM router that failed on me each time I went out of town leaving my sites, smart devices, cameras and other items unreachable through the network route through the Linksys. I worked with Linksys support up to 3rd level and the only solutions they had for any issues was to delete my config and start over which I couldn’t do remotely and of course is not a long term solution and they hadn’t updated or implemented fixes since January 2018 and yes I could go DD-WRT which was a plan but I decided not on this Belkin product ,which bought out the Linksys name in 2013, I found out. This was the second time the Linksys router failed on me as this current router is an RMA brand new product for the prior router with same model that failed totally losing it’s configuration before!

Luckily I did have some remote capabilities through other routers and I was able to hop on to my servers via that route and switched over my site and music server and point my DNS to another static IP about a month ago.

I then to alter routes on my W2012 media streaming server, my Linux Centos 7 music IceCast music relay server that also monitors many of my systems to properly get my music streams out. I had to open up ports through another router via my LAN once in to the static ip address I pointed my music streams and websites to. I then added a static route on the Linksys that had stopped communicating over the WAN but still had LAN connectivity to go through my security camera server as it was straddling all my networks and was able to communicate to most of my smart devices.

I did have to take down temporarily my site. I walked a friend of mine through connecting a network cable to a third NIC I had on my Zoneminder physical server I had setup to my camera network.

Now I came back home due to a family issue and during this time I’m also correcting my router remote access issues. First I of course removed the Linksys 3200ACM and purchased a new ASUS AC86U which pretty much worked well except had interference issues with my other routers and routes in the areas over wireless so after almost a week I took it back and I’m back on my old but reliable ASUS RT-N66U.

I moved all my routing on my servers back to the original networks and pointed my DNS for to my prior static ip.address and brought back up All of my music server streams are as they originally were and connecting my smart devices back where they belong. This is why I go for dependability and not flash look at all this work I had to do, and I truly understated the amount of effort it took to do this remotely from a slow internet connection I had that would stall where I was half a world away.

So if you noticed any minor glitches this morning that was me switching things over to the way its been for the most part for many years concept wise save my constant upgrading and changing the underlying technologies. I also updated several of my servers OS. As DNS propagates there may be some minor connectivity but if you use FQDN instead of actual hard coded ip.addesses you should reach my sites just fine. There may be a few things I have missed but not bad for an hour or so of actual work. I may also still get a new route but still holding out for the best ROI.

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