Quick Wood Fired Wings on Traeger


Had a taste for some wings and didn’t want to trust my satisfaction to a restaurant so as I normally do made my own. I didn’t do my favorite honey flavored hot wings but some garlic Parmesan.

They turned out good and I let them cook a tad bit longer than normal as I wanted the meat to come off easily but not fall off.

I put my personal rib rub I sometimes use on ribs and pork plus a garlic Parmesan sauce after taking them off the grill. Followed with a Beck’s beer and some Jim Beam neat. Turned out okay I had to slow down as I downed about 15 wings very fast.

Here’s the pictures of the process:

Mixing in oils and other liquid enhancements plus some rub.
Ready on the grill after getting the grill warm and smoking
Getting the garlic Parmesan sauce ready.
Wings ready on the grill.
Wings off grill ready for immersion on garlic Parmesan sauce.
In t the bowl awaiting garlic Parmesan sauce.
Garlic Parmesan sauce.

Well after being this I was committed to wing consumption and that was the last photo. Now posting this listening to Snakeice’s House of Beats sipping on whiskey.

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