Found Delicious New Recipe for Eggplants with Grits 


Looking for a new way to eat eggplants from my garden and I wanted to incorporate grits I found a terrific recipe @ . This made the perfect taste combination with my Traeger wood fired whole chicken and baked beans. I believe this eggplant dish was meant to be vegetarian but it rocked as a side dish!

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly since I didn’t have some of the ingredients but some of the substitutions and additions added to the overall meal taste.

My substitutions were, strawberries instead of cherry tomatoes, added olives, didn’t have mushrooms or nuts and didn’t want to go to the store, plus added havarti cheese to grits as they cooked towards the end.

The olives, some rosemary and basil I lightly sautéed in butter and olive oil separately then spead that over the whole dish and then topped it all off with blue cheese.

Anyway follow the recipe @ and put your twist on it.

Here are some pictures of the meal that don’t do justice to the tastes that blended so well with my wood smoked chicken.

Plated food ready to eat and watch last half of NFL Sunday late game.

From near to far peppers from garden roasted with rosemary from garden, mixed with olives, rosemary. Roasted eggplant, strawberries, with basil and rosemary, grits and baked beans.

Wood smoked chicken from Traeger pellet grill using pecan and apple wood.

Baked beans, strawberries with basil and rosemary, grits with milk and havarti cheese.

Peppers, olives rosemary

Eggplants ready to be roasted.

Cut eggplant

Blurry picture of  cut peppers and strawberries.

Busy kitchen counter showing recently picked basil,rosemary and sage in foreground.

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