Fedora 25 to 26 Update Works Well


I just finished about an hour  ago updating my Fedora 25 workstation to Fedora 26 following Fedora DNF System Upgrade and it seems to be working great! This is the second system in a couple of days I have updated the first being my Fedora workstation at work. This is literally the first time that I have successfully updated a major Linux version without some type of a clean install of the OS partition and felt comfortable.

I feel comfortable because I don’t see any leftover remnants of Fedora 25 still around. Seems that “dnf” has a switch called “–allowerasing” that allows it to remove problematic packages of the lower OS version. Allowing certain packages to be erased by this switch seems to prevent version and library incompatibilities and that frustrating mixture of OS versions that has lead to me having an OS specific disc with configuration changes saved in my home directory which is a separate physical disk. Actually I will keep that convention so that I can swap my boot OS disk for the fastest available and other positives.

Anyway the whole purpose of me writing this is to say it looks like Fedora using DNF has really taken a huge step in system upgrading and I can’t wait to see how this develops in the enterprise world when\if it reaches Red Hat’s official version and Centos.

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