Site back up After Correcting Network Routes & Firewall After Updates and Reboot Changed Settings


I have no reason why this happened but after installing a slew of updates on my Centos 7 Web Server some of the firewall settings I had allowing forwarding of ports for my web server were closed. For some reason my default routes were pointing to the wrong network interfaces after the reboot as well. I didn’t notice sine I had turned off my audible notifications plus my workstations in my office displayed my sites just fine.

When I went for my workout at the gym today I noticed my stream was working from my music server but I couldn’t get my site up though to see what was coming up next on my station. Then O looked at my text messages and saw the notice that http was down.

When home from the gym checked my httpd process that was up then made sure my router was forwarding and then checked my firewall and http/https were not open! Fixed that restarted httpd and still no love for my web site. rechecked everything and then peeked at the routing table and the deafult route was pointing at the wrong interface so I fixed that in the script files taking default route definition out of the secondary interface and restarted network then httpd and presto everything works!

Never had a patch update no matter how big do that but stuff happens, plus I did see a few inconsistencies in hosts file. All working now and back to the rest of my Saturday!

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