Personal Portable Electronics Complete…I Think


Ok I love gadgets & technology so is it a big deal that I finally got me a PDA/phone? Well let me answer that for you the answer is yes to me it’s a big deal because for me to get some of this technology it has to have a practical application almost right away. The other criteria is it must be affordable
So what was my latest portable pickup? Actually in the last two weeks there have been two additions. About a week and a half back I took advantage of a sale and bought a “Creative Labs” “Nomad Zen Xtra” “40gb” mp3 player. Last week I purchased online an HP Ipaq HW6515 pocket PC which arrived today. Along with my HP R717 Digital camera and my CompaqNW800 laptop I appear to have all of my various portable electronic and computing needs covered.
For the NW8000 laptop I have my hard core computing or multi-media I may need taken care of and with the various peripherals I have for the NW8000 I can do quite a bit. Actually thinking about it I probably should include the laptop as items that make my portable electronics a complete package. I have the “Hercules DJ Console” which allows me to treat mp3’s as vinyl records. I also have an HP external DVD640 Lightscribe DVDRW and an 80 GB Western Digital USB drive. I can put together some serious music without lugging around a bunch of CD’s or records and still have the same affects and more!
Now it may seem like a duplication to have all of these devices but it really depends on what needs to be done and how long you may be on the road and for what purpose.
The digital camera just gives me the ability to have good resolution on picture I really care about and helps me since I’m not a very good photographer.
The laptop and all of those peripherals I have mainly for the musical purposes but also for those long trips when I may to do some PowerPoint or heavy computing at a hotel or resort.
The Zen mp3 player I couldn’t pass up since the price was so good at less than ½ price. With the mp3 player I can plug into my car stereo and not worry about switching from music to phone to handle a phone call. Plus at a small get together or in a resort I can easily setup a nice little mood and not have it interrupted by calls.
The HP IPAQ is first of all a phone and organizer always at hand but can also perform some very general low horse power computing chores. This will be very nice when I’m out looking at auctions liquidations etc where a laptop will be a hindrance. I can also use this as the one device I will not leave behind if I can only take one it can do everything in a limited way. Also the price was less than 1/3 of the normal cost with warranty still.
Anyway all these electronic items I have purchased help me expand the things I like to do already and enhance the experiences. I have been actually looking at these various devices over the past years as they developed and waited for my needs and cost to come together before purchasing them.
Now I have to look at a few accessories!! Well come on I have to have 1gb of flash RAM in my IPAQ if that’s what’s in my camera sine they are interchangeable! Plus I need a car kit and an underwater case for the camera.

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