Blog & Site Up On New Server With New Pages


Lunch time! I just finished putting up my new web site ( on my new server last night. I had it up for a brief while earlier this week and last week but during my testing I ended up replacing the motherboard.
Apparently I had bent the CPU socket pins during initial installation several weeks age but it decide to fail at that time (better now than later). Possibly too much heat resistance, load now or something but that was weird. I tossed in another motherboard of the same type to avoid having to totally redo the Operating system and rebuild all the kernel drivers etc… The only thing I saw being a possible issue was it noticed the MAC address of the NIC was different while I watched for errors and message on shutdown. The warning message says it ignored it anyway but I will be editing the networking file for that interface and placing in the correct MAC address.
For all the techies I’m using Linux Fedora 4 X86_64,the 64 bit OS distribution for the Intel 64 bit chips which is ported differently I suppose than the 64 bit version for AMD since there were different distributions on the ftp site.
I also screwed up some html code doing a few things so even after replacing the motherboard I had to figure out why my blog posts weren’t working. I had to basically remove the blogs and the files on the system and then start over on the blogs from scratch. I usually point to everything via ip.address when testing so I had to remember to change all those pointers before going live as well.
Anyway take a look around the various pages and the blogs. I hope to soon also make this a game server for several multi-player games as well such as Quake4 (
The main reason I wanted to do some things was to put it on a more powerful system and also to start setting up a place to advertise items I wanted to sell with the pictures I wanted. I will be doing this on my “Darryl’s Sale Items Blog” ( soon. Nothing is listed now but the site is there and since I’m already running “Sixapart’s” MovableType blog software ( on this system I figured that’s a great way to add items I want to sell. Using the MovableType blog software I can add new items quickly and remove the sold items from view just as quick!
Anyway take a look at the site. Thanks!

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